Pizza Hut Franchise Brand Guide


From testing smoothie offerings to quirky regional pie toppings with uncertain culinary appeal, the world’s largest pizza chain was experiencing a troubling lack of global alignment. I served on the creative team tapped to create a strategy for convincing Pizza Hut’s diverse franchise owners that change was good.

Establishing a unified global customer experience meant communicating new franchise guardrails. I was engaged to translate the corporate vision into words and duly support several daring experiential events designed to generate franchisee-buzz. Overall franchisees attending events at headquarters received the new brand direction with high enthusiasm and committed to rebranding their restaurants.

Communications, together with rollout events, impacted over 16,000 sites in 100 countries—redefining brand flexibility while standardizing in-store dining, visual identity and menu offerings as 70% global, 30% localized—an alignment effort three years in the making. Project produced in collaboration with WTBI Agency.

A More Consistent Brand Experience

A More Consistent Brand Experience

The principles contained in this guide will help us to create a more consistent brand experience for our customers across the globe. By aligning around a common product "core"– one that has been designed against food innovation filters rooted in the DNA of our brand- we will ensure delivery of a highly relevant, differentiated and compelling brand expdrience.